Give: The Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund

A portion of all ongoing proceeds from What If Butterflies Loved Snow is sent quarterly to The Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund.  If you’ve already bought the book but would like to contribute more to this worthwhile organization, we are accepting donations to be including in our quarterly give.

From their website:

The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund brings together landowners, conservationists, scientists, and beekeepers to precisely target pollinators’ needs like never before. Using funds donated by generous corporate sponsors and individual donors, the team works together to build healthy, sustainable pollinator habitat through science-based, proven results. The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund has created a diverse mix of grasses and flowers that help provide the ideal habitat for pollinators and wildlife – bees, butterflies, grassland songbirds, pheasant, quail, upland birds and more.