The Erratic Sun

A science fiction novel by Michael Hansen and Matthew Blashill.

Most of the galaxy has been pulled into the war raging between the Gretarians and the Lorians. Everyone is under pressure to join a side, even Captain Terry Dadam and his ship, the Erratic Sun.  To keep his crew safe and his ship out of the fight, Dadam navigates a difficult balanceРplacating the battling governments by making the Erratic Sun available to secret jobs, as well as completing the normal commerce of a delivery ship.
When a job goes awry, matters escalate quickly, and the crew is pulled in into the fray against their will. Dadam quickly realizes there is far more to this war than meets the eye, but every move they make only seems to drag them deeper into the criminal underworld of the galaxy, and farther from the possibility of making it through the dark forces unscathed.